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Jason Aransevia's Biography

Jason Aransevia’s love for basketball started in grade 9 when he admired Philly Sixers Allen Iverson for his competitive game. He quickly tried out for the high school basketball team at St. Thomas Aquinas and became apart of the team for his four years of Highschool. The high school team wasn’t enough for Jason. He wanted to develop his skill beyond school hours therefore he joined an AAU travel Team (UK Canada). UK Canada opened to door to more opportunities. He started to travel to the U.S. for basketball games and strengthen his skills through circuit training. After high school, Jason went to Humber College for a year when he realized he loved to play college basketball at a competitive level. He then was presented the opportunity joined Raleigh’s Finest Academy in Oklahoma in order to get scouted. The journey wasn’t easy but in the end, he landed offers. He decided to go to Barbra Scotia in Charlotte North Carolina where he accomplished his goal of being a starter at a D2 level. After College Jason returned to Canada and joined the Sheridan Bruins JV team where he help make an appearance in the championship game. Shortly after he transferred to the St. Lawrence basketball team. During this time he found his love for basketball was even stronger. After College, he joined numerous Top Canadian Men’s leagues where he got various awards like All-Star selections, MVP, and leading scorer titles. He decided to combine his love of basketball and his desire to help the community. In 2016 he established his company High-Speed Basketball where he conducts one-on-one basketball training, youth camps and team training. To date High-Speed Basketball has helped many young players to join rep teams/Colleges, has been the head coach on an undefeated championship team (BMBA youth league) and has helped youth to believe in their abilities as basketball players.

“Everyone is born with a certain potential. You may never achieve your full potential, but how close you come depends on how much you want to pay the price.“-Red Auerbach

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