Foreword from the Leaders of the Legacy Prep:

Legacy Prep is starting a history of creativity and innovation. Essential to our ambition to become a world-class prep program, our priority is to deliver high-quality student-athletes who reach their full potential and directly contribute to the success of the school’s program. 


When you want the best outcomes, work with Legacy Prep we take the Holistic approach when dealing with talented student-athletes!

Legacy Prep creates first-class partnerships with Universities and Colleges so that athletes can continue competing at the highest level while gaining a valuable high school education.

Legacy Prep has several years of combined experience in maximizing opportunities for athletes to progress through their athletic and scholastic careers.

Canadians can benefit greatly from the US and Canadian University system if advised properly, and we're passionate about educating athletes on these opportunities.

US and Canadian coaches can benefit greatly from expanding their recruiting to tap into the Canadian sporting market.​

Legacy Prep is unique because:

  • We are taking a holistic approach with the families and student-athletes.

  • We focus on the academics and character of the student-athlete before his athletic abilities.

  • We offer much-needed guidance and mentoring through the student-athletes journey from Prep to College to Pros.    

  • We are a fully personalized service based on the priorities of the athlete and University/ College coaches

  • We strive for 100% success rate

  • We will be in regular contact with Universities and Colleges in the USA and Canada advocating for our student-athletes.  

  • We will provide 5-day training for all athletes in their prospective sport. 

  • We offer a High-Performance Athletic Program at Everest Academy that fits our training schedule 

  • We provide Strength & Conditioning coaches

  • We will provide No JAG TAG (Seminar on what scouts look for in an elite athlete).

  • We have close, long-standing, personal relationships within the US and Canadian school’s sporting system and Canadian sporting organizations, such as AAU programs across Canada and the U.S.




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