• We are a community comprised of educators, specialists, coaches, mentors and visionaries, working together by passion and the love of team and individual progression. We consist of former collegiate, and coaches, dedicated teachers and advisors, performance specialists, and a team of counsellors, working together to keep our student-athletes focused.


  • Resilience and adversity is just another word for opportunity. We challenge our student-athletes each and every day to push past their limits because we know they are capable of. Adamant in our own pursuit of excellence, we will continue to test the boundaries of innovation and performance. This is what we owe to the future leaders, influencers, and game-changers of today, tomorrow and yesterday.



  • Legacy Prep is a place where there are no limits and dreams come true, where destiny is what you make it and the promise of tomorrow is what drives you today. Rooted in an inspiring culture that compels student-athletes to push past their own limitations, we believe there is no better place in the world than Legacy Prep for someone to learn the tools they need to obtain their dreams.


  • Our Preparation, Resilience, Integrity, Dedication and Excellence (PRIDE) is undeniable and our purpose is simple: To ensure each person is destined to succeed by enabling and inspiring them to rise up to their full potential.




  • Structured on the assumption that there is no greater indicator in one’s success than what lies within them, Legacy Prep operates under the belief that every person who steps into Legacy Prep's community, will challenge each day with a Faithful Mind, Loving Soul, Winner’s Spirit, Caring Heart and with Complete Integrity.


  •  Every goal is worth chasing and there is no challenge too big to overcome. Be passionate about what you do and pursue it with everything you have. Develop an attitude that never gives up.




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