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Skill Development



The focus & emphasis is on player development.


Legacy Prep designs individualized and comprehensive training programs for all of their student-athletes. 

Legacy Prep's Player Development Curriculum is based on a Sections of Development model, rather than the normal age indicative methods. This allows for our student-athletes to be better placed at the level of development that they can best obtain outcomes that reflect their individuality and talent level. By following this method, their skill development will be developed in a positive, progressive and valued environment, providing a system upon which our athletes grow. 

Centralizing on the individual players, Legacy Prep builds skill sets from the ground up by giving players the tools they need to compete against higher-level competition. Legacy Prep athletes are not commencing on any form of a short-term program with limited expectations, but for eight to ten months. Legacy Prep implements a standard philosophy, which will allow our student-athletes to continue to hold themselves accountable as they progress through a series of development. Our athletes will be evaluated through a sequence of drills and tests when they first disembark at Legacy Prep to determine a standard assessment of each individual. His or her progress is monitored through repeating drills and tests at fore-destined interims throughout the season, and again at the completion of the season, to evaluate and assess overall progress and development. The nucleus approach of testing from the start, monitoring, and testing at the end is to measure for liability and answer ability. Legacy Prep holds their coaches, support staff, and student-athletes liable at all times. The Legacy Prep method is one of the precise player detailed on-court/field skill development, game situation direction and performance training, as well as monitoring development and conveying important assessment to players. Legacy Prep coaches will make sure that players improve upon their skill set, and ability to deliver these skills to game situations. This is taught in an assured, advancement based system in which players learn technique first, along with rhythm, control and coordination. During the duration, they are able to carry out these new skill sets repeatedly at faster and faster speeds, with the conviction to apply them in a game setting. Practices are based on team development and player individuality but in a supporting but demanding atmosphere

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