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LEGACY pREP Canada basketball scholarship ACADEMY


LEAGUES: Premier Prep League, The Platinum League, National Senior Circuit & National Junior Circuit 


We invest in maximizing your opportunities in all areas. It is important to us that athletes who arrive on scholarships in the U.S. or Canadian Universities/Colleges have had the best possible preparation.

There are many great opportunities in the U.S. and Canada that are structured for talented student-athletes. It’s a complicated process, but we know it very well. 

Legacy Prep Canada guides each student-athlete, and their family through the entire process. Our network of coaches and administrators in Canada and the U.S.A. and every athlete and coach working with our team taps into our extensive contacts and experience. Legacy Prep Canada handles recruitment from start to finish including:

  • Academic requirements

  • Athletic requirements

  • SAT tutorials

  • Personalized service/contact

  • Provide services to help athletes score higher

  • Offer career counselling

  • Freshman orientation

  • Recruitment and Eligibility Centre rules and regulations

  • Choosing a circle of friends on/off field conduct

  • Mental health support

  • Student visa advice 



How do I get a University/College basketball scholarship?

Basketball scholarships are becoming more accessible and are being awarded to more international athletes than ever before. However, it is essential that a player actively pursues a Prep Program (Legacy Prep Canada) or an AAU Program to provide more opportunity.

How do I get to a University or College?

The best method is to get basketball coaches to see you. Also, have great video footage as part of your resume and play in the best tournaments in Canada or America.

How do I improve my chances of getting a University/College basketball scholarship?

There are hundreds of thousands of players that want a University/College basketball scholarship so having high-quality skills and marketing videos are much needed to have a coach interested in recruiting you.

High academic scores will help in getting a scholarship. The more schools where you can qualify academically as well as athletically the higher the chance of a scholarship you have.

What are the academic requirements for a University/College basketball scholarship?

Every college has a different level of academics required so check websites of the University or Colleges you are interested in.

What are the athletic requirements to receive a basketball scholarship?

Each coach and team will have a different level of athletic requirements based on their needs and opinions.

How many college basketball scholarships are available?

Basketball can offer some of the best scholarship opportunities if you know where to look. Each division level and school has a different amount of scholarships to offer.


Intercollegiate Divisions

NCAA-National Collegiate Athletic Association  
The NCAA endorses three divisions of collegiate basketball

Division I

13.0 full scholarships available for men (head count only)

15.0 full scholarships available for women (head count only)

Currently sponsor 341 male and 338 female basketball programs
Division II

10.0 full scholarships available for men (can be divided partially)

10.0 full scholarships available for women (can be divided partially)

Currently sponsor 290 male and 291 female basketball programs
Must enroll in Initial Eligibility Centre for both Division I and II in order to be eligible.
Division III

No financial aid allocated to athletes

Currently sponsor 395 male and 425 female basketball programs

NAIA-National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics 
The NAIA endorses one division of collegiate basketball

Students do require a SAT or ACT score to be admitted

11.0 full scholarships available for men (can be divided partially)

11.0 full scholarships available for women (can be divided partially)

Must enroll with the NAIA eligibility centre 
Currently sponsor 262 male and 260 female basketball programs in 2 divisions

NJCAA-National Junior Collegiate Athletic Association 
The NJCAA endorses three divisions of collegiate basketball

Athletes at NJCAA institutions predominately compete for two years while completing their academic requirements.

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