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Throughout the season,  players will work with Legacy Prep Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, to improve upon their strengthconditioning, speed, quickness and athletic performance, while focusing on their Vertical Leap and exercises that directly transfer to the court or field. All of the workouts are focused on developing specific strengths and movements for all sports and are guaranteed to challenge every athlete of every level. To maximize results, that coach will also be overseeing players’ nutrition, as it plays a vital role during off-season training.


During the start of the season, players will work out three days a week in person; while two other days, the players will be training through their given workout plan, however, this may vary depending on your specified sport. Workout & Nutrition plans will be individualized to each player’s areas of need. Players will be evaluated through a series of drills, tests when they first arrive at Legacy Prep's to determine a baseline assessment of each individual. Progress will be monitored throughout the season, and workouts will be altered to achieve the desired goals for each athlete.  Workouts will be tailored throughout the year to meet the demands of the athletes' body according to the season (pre, in, or post), level of fatigue, and strengths and/or weaknesses that need to be addressed. Each athlete that buys into Legacy Prep's Strength and Conditioning program will leave a stronger, smarter, better version of themselves.  We will provide every athlete with the knowledge and tools necessary to grow and improve in all facets of their development. All of the workouts are progressive forms of callisthenics and are guaranteed to challenge every athlete of every level.


Players will be evaluated through a series of drills and tests when they first arrive with Legacy Prep to determine a baseline assessment of each individual. Progress is monitored through repeating drills and tests at pre-determined intervals throughout the season, and again at the conclusion of the season to evaluate and assess overall progress and development. The core concept of pre-testing, monitoring and post-testing is to measure for accountability. Legacy Prep holds its coaches and student-athletes accountable at all times.

Examples of what the test includes: Lateral quicknessContinual vertical jumping, Squats, Foot speed, Sprints, Distance etc. & Weight training geared to the specific sport.




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