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"Leave Your Legacy" partner's with schools in the Brampton/Peel community to support young student's from grades 4 to 8. Students are referred to us for any of the following reasons: low academic attainment, low confidence levels, behaviour/anxiety issues, or recommendation's from teachers, also by students that believe they would benefit from the support of a role model. "Leave Your Legacy" delivers, group and one-to-one mentoring model in the schools.


"Leave Your Legacy" believes in the philosophy of character education.

A person’s character is a set of virtues they possess that guides their behaviour. Character education is an educational approach that involves teaching positive virtues so that students can make good decisions and flourish in their lives. Examples of these virtues are integrity, compassion, curiosity, resilience and kindness.



"Leave Your Legacy" is a mentoring program working with students from all walks of life. Our goal is to raise aspirations and help them grow in character and competence.


We improve self-confidence and develop Numeracy, Literacy, Communication and Memory Skills while reinforcing our core values of Kindness, Self-Control, Positive Decision Making and Adversity.


This is implemented through mentoring with positive role models and team activities, to promote leadership, trust and responsibility.


resilience, grit, the ability to stick to something, to honour commitments, to see tasks through to the end.


the ability to keep emotions in check and to choose to act (or not to act) in a certain way despite how we may feel.


to treat others with respect and empathy, honouring rights and responsibilities, and being honest.


the ability to consider consequences and make decisions that benefit both ourselves and those affected by our choices

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Our mentoring program is facilitated once or twice a month after-school. These sessions are in groups and or one-to-one. There will be Math, Science, English etc., activities focusing on building academic confidence, character and a growth mindset, combined with fun group activities such as sports, arts and crafts.


Mentors encourage the students to reflect on their use of good character in and outside of school.


Providing young students with mentors will help them to prepare for the challenging transition into secondary school.


Each two-hour session includes an hour of one-to-one individual academic mentoring. 

The second hour is an extra-curricular group activity centered around character building, such as sports, coaching, drama/art etc.


Our mentors help students navigate through challenging years and ultimately prepare them for academic tests/exams and transition into further education and eventually the workforce.


"Leave Your Legacy"  mentors are volunteers from all walks of life, backgrounds and ages and are driven to help young students succeed .

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