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Ori Belmont's Biography

As an in-house and freelance Communications and Marketing specialist, Ori Belmont has blossomed into a tireless advocate for various non-profit and for-profit organizations. He has both spearheaded and worked with partners, 3rd parties, philanthropists and government officials to successfully promote a diverse set of mandates and initiatives.

Ori has had in excess of 150 pieces published in internal and external publications and has extensive editing and copywriting experience. These works include educational pieces, biographies, reviews and adverts for humanitarian agencies, in addition to cultural and athletic firms and entities. His penned works have been for both private and public consumption. Ori’s focus is on providing the most efficient and relevant message possible, while targeting a specific audience and fulfilling a particular niche with a colourful though clear and concise manner.

Ori also has substantial experience in designing, implementing and managing Outreach programs. He remains an ardent supporter and proponent for those who must cope with unique and challenging circumstances and strongly believes that there is no single or greater purpose than to improve the quality of life for others.


Ori lives in Toronto with his wife Lisa, and their 3-year old son, Noah.

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