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 James Fraser is a winner of the Prestigious York Secondary Catholic Presidents' Council Award for "Outstanding Leadership" at YCDSB, York Region Athletic Association Achievement Award winner and Department of Justice "Youth Justice Policy Recognition" Award winner. 

James is an educator, youth counsellor, youth advocate, activist, coach, mentor and visionary who speaks to thousands of students about embracing education, making positive choices, giving back to the community, believing in oneself, and achieving their personal goals by avoiding gangs, drugs and negative influences.


James was the head coach of the boys and girls, junior and senior varsity basketball teams at Holy Cross Catholic Academy for over 20 years. In addition, he facilitated yearly basketball summer camps at Holy Cross as well. James also coached the school's indoor, outdoor track & field and cross country teams. 

- Certificate in the United States Sports Academy's National Coaching Certification Program Level 1,2,3

-Certificate in Threat Assessment Level 1,2,3

 -Certificate in "ASIST" Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training

-Certified Anger-Management Trainer

-Certified Mediator and Conflict Resolution Specialist

-Certificate in Behaviour Management Systems

-Certificate in Understanding, Managing Aggressive Behaviour (UMAB)

-Certified Crisis Prevention and Intervention Trainer

-Certified in Stress Management

As an educator, counsellor & motivational speaker, James's passion, positive energy and outlook on life, provides a positive message to the youth of today. His powerful and meaningful message connects and encourages youth to take charge of one's life. James's story is inspiring. Coming from Canada's largest black community (North Preston, Nova Scotia), James was able to overcome many obstacles in his life, which prepared him for his long life journey - advocating for the youth of today.

James serves as a Guidance Student Support Counselor for the York Catholic School Board,  Founder and Executive Director of J.Fraser Consulting, Founder and Executive Director of Legacy Prep. Also, a Senior member of 9Heavens Healing Academy relocation program for disadvantaged youth. James has over 20 years of experience working with youth and specializes in facilitating anger-management classes and workshops for youth, parents and their guardians. Along with dedicated counsellors, the goal is to be education advocators, providing the support system that is needed for students of today. James also implements these strategies in his involvement with youth who have been incarcerated. 

James has worked on a partnership basis with school board administrators, teachers, community leaders, police officers, probation officers and social workers to educate and inform the needs of the youth.

 James's love for youth has earned him great respect in communities across Canada. James resides in Brampton, Ontario with his wife and kids, and continues to be a positive influence on the youth of today. 

Young Mind, Young Heart, Young Soul 

Your time is yesterday, today and tomorrow (J.F)



James Fraser's Biography

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